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The Yazidis

Large parts of the Yezidi population of northwestern Iraq have taken refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan. They live in camps, under bridges or in unfinished buildings, many of them in the area of Dohuk.In the beginning of August 2014 the Yezidis


Rocinha is the largest favela in Brazil. According to an official census around 70,000 people live in the favela, but unofficial estimates are as high as 2- or 300,000. In eight years time – from 2003 until 2011 – 40

To Be a Child Forever

Malene Sorensen is almost grown up, 19 years old, has moved away from home. Inside she remains a little girl. If you know the fascination of what goes on inside the head of a little child that sits banging a

Modern Day Vikings

It is almost 1000 years ago that the Vikings roamed the earth. But they are still around. Every year they travel to Scandinavia from all over the world – from Germany, USA, France, Australia, Italy. They participate in Viking markets,


China’s appetite for Africa is insatiable. Everywhere on the continent the Chinese are building roads, hospitals and schools; they mine for copper, pump up oil, start up production facilities and sell Chinese goods. In copper-rich Zambia in Southern Africa China


The Kyrgyz grandmothers struggle to make ends meet. The Kyrgyz Republic is the second poorest country in central Asia. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union the country has had severe financial troubles with many companies closing down, resulting in

Le Mans Motor Race

The 24 hour race at Le Mans is the most famous endurance race in the world. It is very rich in tradition. This year’s race is the 78th, and the first race was held in 1923. The overall winner, as

Overlooked – Poverty In Denmark

Denmark is one of the richest countries in the World, and also one of the most economically equal countries. But this is changing fast. From 2001 until 2007 the number of poor people in Denmark grew by 50 percent, even

The Bikers

United MC Amager is a small biker club located on the island Amager with a sister club in Karlskoga, Sweden. The members and sometimes their friends and relatives use the club to relax, to party, to fix their bikes. And

Black Water

The Buriganga River runs through Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is virtually dead due to pollution primarily from numerous tanneries located in the Hazaribagh area of the city. The water of the river has turned black. There is a

The Talibé of Dakar

Daaras, or Koranic schools, are a widespread phenomenon in Senegal. The pupils of the schools are called Talibé. They are taught to read and write the Koran, and many of them go begging in the streets every day to collect

The Falconer

Frank Skaarup is a Danish falconer. He breeds Peregrine falcons. The falcons are exclusively sold to buyers in foreign countries as Danish law does not permit sale of domestic species, including Peregrine falcons. Frank Skaarup has been fascinated by birds

A Star in the Sky

In 2007 it was diagnosed that Vibe had a brain tumour. Because of the location of the tumour it was not possible to surgically remove it, so instead Vibe received 30 radiation treatments, four chemotherapy treatments, three high dosage chemotherapy

The Funeral

Mohammad Hashem, 39 year old pizza baker and father from Burma, was attacked on December 5th 2008 without warning by a group of young Danish men. They stabbed him and his friend Jamal Uddin repeatedly. Mohammad was killed while Jamal

The Bikers part 2

United MC consists of two sister clubs, one on Amager in Denmark, and one in Karlskoga in Sweden. Every winter and every summer there is a party in the club in Sweden, and some of the guys from the club

Before the Cyclone

In November 2007 the extremely powerful cyclone Sidr swept over Bangladesh leaving behind it a path of destruction, and killing more than 3000 people – some say even more than 10,000. Especially the southern areas of the country were severely